This is a direct quote from a letter we wrote to Celebrity's President:  "Jon Bailey who was a lecturer on musical theater offered us the best and most interesting and enjoyable series we have ever attended aboard ship. His knowledge of his subject and his presentation were superb."
Even after all these months we still remember how delightful and entertaining his programs were and how much knowledge we gained.  We just hope we are fortunate to be on a future cruise with him. He was a high light of the cruise and we didn't miss an opportunity to attend his lectures.

Rhoda and Harold Rosen
Sarasota, FLA

I never attended any presentation that brought up so many emotions and feelings in me.  Jon was able to explain the views of the writers and musical composers and the messages they would bring to the scenes of their movies or shows.
His presentations were always very well prepared, very interesting, very clear for everyone and the time spent to listen went by so fast.
He has the ability to make us feel what the character was feeling...
After each musical lecture I found myself wanting for more and so did many of the other attendees.

Thank you Jon, for helping me discover many different channels that music can lead us to...I just have one regret, that I didn't have you as a musical teacher when I was a student.  Thank you so much for your professionalism and for your passion for music.
Francesca Zuliani
Montreal, Canada

I had the pleasure of hearing Jon Bailey present a series of lectures on a recent transatlantic crossing aboard the Azamara Journey. I love Broadway musicals and Jon provided perspective that I had never considered about the messages conveyed by the composers of certain songs and how they reflected the social and moral thinking of the time. The cruise was 14 days long and I would have happily stayed on board longer to hear more from Jon. He is a very engaging and friendly person and he delighted everyone in his audiences, both during and following each talk. I wish that I lived closer to Pomona College so that I could attend one of the courses that he teaches.

Michael Doctor
University Place, WA

We were fortunate, on our Caribbean cruise, to encounter the lectures of Jon Bailey. The presentation, preparation and professionalism of Jon's lectures could not be faulted, and the care and regard with which he interacted with his audience made each one a true pleasure, whether one had a previous knowledge or interest in the subject or not.

However what made Jon's series of presentations truly special was the enthusiasm he brought to each one, his genuine love of his subject, and a real joy in sharing with his audience. He's a real "people person", who makes his lectures fun, informative and inspirational. A quality addition to a Cruise itinerary, and definitely not to be missed!

Alan and Irene Northcote
Durham, United Kingdom

We found the presentations by Jon Bailey very interesting, informative and entertaining.  The combination of a real musician and an effective presenter brought new insights to familiar musicals.  The programs were one of the highlights of our cruise across the Atlantic.
Gussie and Howard Mills
Shepherdstown, West Virginia

I was on a cruise recently where Jon Bailey was one of the featured speakers. His knowledge of music and the Musical Theater was extensive, but it never got in his way as he related to the large audiences with humor, personal stories, and love for the people in his audiences.  I'm usually one of these passengers who takes part in the out-door activities on the ship and rarely ventures into the enrichment activities.

I was certainly glad I took advantage of this man's love of music and his passion for teaching.  I didn't miss one presentation.  They were great!  
Stephen Hodge
Palm Springs, California